Popular Halloween Wedding Dresses Trend Ideas 30
Popular Halloween Wedding Dresses Trend Ideas 30

50 Popular Halloween Wedding Dresses Trend Ideas

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There is a growing trend of weddings occurring on Halloween. This date offers a wide range of options for a wedding party, and though many may think a Halloween wedding must consist of gothic and “spooky” imagery, it is quite possible to hold a classic and traditional wedding on October 31st.

Atmosphere is everything in a wedding. An elegant Halloween wedding can include glowing candles, fall colors and decorations, like pumpkins, leaves and gourds, or even simple yet romantic moonlight. Warm colors, like gold, oranges and browns reflect the colors of the season.

Dead branches can be used along with ribbons or twinkling lights and artificial leaves in fall colors to create a perfect autumn environment. Candelabras can also create a simple and elegant effect.

Some classic costume ideas for the wedding party would be an angel for the bride, or even just a sleek, slim-fitting dress. A Victorian style or a Morticia Adams style dress fits perfectly with the season, yet remains traditional and elegant.

Decorate tables with dark cloth sprinkled with gold or orange confetti or artificial fall leaves. Goblet-themed place card holders add an elegant touch. Party favors can include fall-decorated votive or tapered candles, or even Halloween candies.

Just adding wings to a bridal gown can also create an instant and beautiful costume. Bridesmaids can dress similarly to the bride. Ideas for costumes with wings include butterflies and moths. The groom and groomsmen can dress up in a cape and cane in addition to their dark tuxedo.

A bride’s bouquet and flower arrangements for the wedding can easily incorporate flowers of the season or even just a mix of oranges, yellows and reds. Tiger Lilies or orange roses add an elegant touch.

If you like gothic themes but want your wedding to remain classy, a Victorian style can be very elegant with its silver ornamentation and classic dress. Dark colors work well to create a classic Victorian style.

Invited guests can be asked to dress in classy costumes, such as Vampire/Vampiress, classic movie stars, etc. Suggestions can be given on wedding invitations.

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