Gorgeous Black Halloween Dress You Will Love 34
Gorgeous Black Halloween Dress You Will Love 34

50 Gorgeous Black Halloween Dress You Will Love

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Depending on what you decide to dress as this Halloween, there is no doubt that the shoes are just as important as the rest of the costume. Here’s a quick look at some popular costume ideas and the shoes that are necessary to their success.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz was obviously defined by her footwear. The gingham dress, wicker basket and pigtails are of course important, but do you remember how BLAH her shoes were before she became Technicolor? Yeah, they were black and orthopedic. Gross. Make sure you get those ruby red slippers or you may look like Ellie Mae Clampett instead of Dorothy!

A lot of people like to dress as someone from decades past for Halloween. Each era has a defining style and shoe type that will scream which decade you’re hailing from. Flappers from the 20s can wear a low heeled Mary Jane. Wanna rock the 40’s pin-up look? Round toed pumps paired with thigh high stockings. The 50’s sock hop costume needs black and white saddle shoes; a 60’s modster requires white, shiny, and chunky knee-high go-go boots, and a hippie costume can be anything from a Birkenstock to a worn cowboy boot. If you plan on emulating Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever or any other disco loving 70’s icon, then you know you better find some Pee Wee Herman platforms. Dressing up like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper or some other equally wild 80’s goddess? Try some Day Glo Minnie Mouse pumps (don’t forget the leg warmers). Wanna smell like teen spirit and grunge it up like the 90’s? Army boots, duh.

Thinking of other popular costumes that aren’t decade dependent? Let’s see, princesses need something ultra girly and more than likely blinged out with rhinestones. Superheroes are in the boot category; the sexier the superhero, the higher the boot and heel. Elvira, Morticia, or any witchy woman… definitely black shiny boots… high heeled… and laced up. A goddess, warrior, cave woman or Pocahontas usually means some kind of sandal lacing up your legs. Dressing as one of the Jersey Shore “ladies”, you’ll want to think hooker heels, or Sookie Stackhouse go for white Keds. If you’re planning on anything from Avatar, find shoes that are blue.

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