Striking Halloween Dresses Ideas For Women 01
Striking Halloween Dresses Ideas For Women 01

50 Striking Halloween Dresses Ideas For Women

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Here are some great Halloween costume ideas, even though Halloween is only a few days away. Time is limited and the budget is tight. There are several ways to get your costume ready. First, you can purchase it complete with accessories and all. Check out the links to the right of this article and shop around. You can also put together your Halloween costumes from dollar store or party store items, and sometimes from stuff you have around the house.

First, there are various “categories” of Halloween costume ideas – scary, famous person or character, job-related/stereotype, fantasy characters, animals, objects, and couples. Obviously, many costumes can fit into more than one of these categories, but these categories will help you decide what or who you want to be.

Traditional scary Halloween costumes include witches, zombies, mummies, devils, Frankenstein monsters, and vampires. A witch costume can be a simple as a witch hat. A vampire can be as simple as a black cape and plastic teeth. Wrap yourself in gauze (or a ripped up sheet) to be a mummy, and use makeup to become a zombie. Other popular scary costumes are those with makeup effects that make it look like your body has been gouged, eyes missing, missing limbs (arms), huge cuts and bruises, and also those from cult horror movies like Jason from the Friday the 13th series and Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. To be Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, you just need a fedora hat (beat up) and a striped sweater, really. For Jason, you really just need a hockey mask.

Famous people, dead or alive, are often the best Halloween costume ideas. People dress up as famous people all the time, from Presidents to the latest pop star. Characters from movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Toy Story, or any super hero like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man, are always popular. Adults still like to dress up as John Travolta’s character on Saturday Night Fever, Austin Powers, Cleopatra, Elvis, characters from the Wizard of Oz, characters from Grease, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Lucy (I Love Lucy), Lady Gaga, The Simpsons, Spongebob, Star Trek, The Flintstones, The Addams Family… The ideas are almost endless. Do a search on the character you are interested in so that you can figure out what you have already that you can adapt to be part of your costume.

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