Inspiring Winter Wedding Centerpieces Ideas 19
Inspiring Winter Wedding Centerpieces Ideas 19

50 Inspiring Winter Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

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One of the most import aspects for any winter wedding are the winter wedding centerpieces. They often make or break the theme and in essence are central to the overall mood of your wedding reception. Before deciding on the specifics of the centerpieces however, you might want to first decide on the atmosphere you wish to create. You could have a traditional white winter wedding with string lights, the warm glow of candles, with snow all around or perhaps incorporate the colors red and white if your wedding day is close to Christmas. Perhaps even something a little more rustic displaying small fir trees indoors along with your beautiful winter wedding centerpieces that help bring the outdoors in.

Some examples of materials you can use for your wedding centerpieces include mirrors, candles, crystal snowflakes, frosted glass vases, and votives which all can be used to set a wonderful winter wedding mood. You could also use fake snow or ice, glitter confetti, sleds, reindeer, decorative mittens or even ice skates.

Flowers such as winterberry gaultheria, amaryllis, double white hellebores, boxwood stems, holly branches, fir branches, and of course the traditional poinsettias or mistletoe can all be used to further enhance the mood at your wedding reception. Any of the flowers or branches mentioned can be paired with a variety of red roses or you could simply use white roses to create classic winter wedding centerpieces.

You will probably also want to coordinate your winter centerpieces with the wedding theme colors, dresses and the place of which you will be married. A way that you could save money and stay within your budget is to have your floral arrangements taken from the wedding location to the reception by your florist before guests arrive. That way the flowers are already arranged in water, ready to go. If you have at least a year or more before your wedding, you can also often find great winter-themed items at discounted prices the day after Christmas or during the summer months which should help keep your winter centerpieces within budget.

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