Stunning Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas 20
Stunning Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas 20

50 Stunning Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Weddings in winter are very popular because of the romance that the weather creates in the celebration. The decorations and other wedding essentials should be related to winter, of course. One important part of the bride’s overall attire is the bouquet that she will hold while walking down the aisle and during the whole ceremony. You have many options for choosing winter wedding bouquets. But before you go ahead and pick a bouquet for your wedding, you should first know these following facts and information.

When you choose a bouquet for your winter wedding, you have to consider adding winter accents such as pine cones, baby’s breath, berries, holly leaves, and so on. This will surely make your bouquet perfect for your winter wedding.

There are many different kinds of flowers that you can choose for winter wedding bouquets. One very popular option is poinsettia. The colors of this flower are the colors of Christmas. And winter is always associated with Christmas. The color is fun and romantic and it will also bring a festive air in your wedding celebration. Other flowers that you can use are hydrangeas, lilies, roses, and freesia. Just think about red and green, white and green, and ice blue and white combinations.

Think about the colors of winter. These are crimson, green, white, silver, gold, and ice blue. Choose one color motif or a combination of two. Choose flowers or bouquet accents with these colors. Gold and silver accents are usually combined with another color for the flower because they add glitter and fantasy to the wedding bouquet.

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