Awesome Medium Length Bob Hairstyles Ideas 18
Awesome Medium Length Bob Hairstyles Ideas 18

50 Awesome Medium Length Bob Hairstyles Ideas

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There is a mania over the bob this year. Popular beautiful actresses such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham wear the bob with such flair that they’ve become icons of hairstyle fashion. But not everyone has the heart-shape face of Victoria or the high-cheek bones of Katie. The short bobs that they wear would not look chic at all when placed on any other shape of face. Does this mean that your hair is doomed to never cross path with the trendy bob? You may sigh a relief. The answer is no.

There are many kinds of bob and if your face shape and facial features could not confidently pull off the short bob, a great alternative would be the medium length bob. This kind of bob falls just a few millimeters beyond the chin and it does not go farther than the collarbone. If the bob reaches the shoulders, it is considered as the long hair bob.

There are many advantages to the medium length bob. For those with long and narrow faces, this hairstyle can effortlessly add width and volume. But the length is not too short to allow the graceful movement of the hair. When an older woman has a medium length bob, she will look many years younger because the hair movement lends youthfulness. The bob is also great for many women, no matter what hair color they have. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep its body. In fact, it is a wash-and-wear type of hairstyle. The best part of all is that the medium length bob is a flexible hairstyle. It can be styled in so many ways, for example, it can be with or without bangs and fringes, pulled up or kept down, wavy or straight, sleek or soft, etc.

Now that you have decided to get a medium length bob, the next question is this: what kind of bob? The three most popular bobs are the inverted bob, the asymmetrical bob, and the classic bob.

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