Elegant Dress To Wear For Going To Church 28
Elegant Dress To Wear For Going To Church 28

50 Elegant Dress To Wear For Going To Church

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Remember the days when your mother, wearing her best dress, took the hat box off the closet shelf on Sunday morning and carefully lifted out her favorite Sunday hat. She placed it on her head, fastened it with a hat pin and her Sunday church ensemble was complete.

In years past, when you were a little boy or girl, going to church was the one day to wear dresses, hats, suits, and dress shoes. Casual dress for church was frowned upon as a lack of respect for God and other worshipers. Today, wearing casual dress to church is the norm, although more and more people are returning to the tradition of wearing their “Sunday best”- Are you one of them?

There’s nothing that makes you feel better than wearing your favorite dress or suit and going to meet friends for time to pray and sing together in church. Wearing suitable church attire is a chance for you to celebrate at church showing respect for both yourself and God.

Are you in the church choir? Imagine the congregation being awestruck as they see each member of your choir dressed in matching church dresses and dressy hats, and the men in the choir wearing men suits in the same or contrasting color, lifting their voices to the heavens singing songs of glory and praise.

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