Beautiful Holiday Makeup Ideas To Copy This Season 01
Beautiful Holiday Makeup Ideas To Copy This Season 01

50 Beautiful Holiday Makeup Ideas To Copy This Season

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With the holidays just around the corner, you want to make sure you look your best from head to toe. When your make up is great, you’ll feel more confident all over. But many women make the mistake of either not wearing enough make up and looking drab, or wearing way too much and looking tacky. With just a few tips and tricks, you can be sure your make up will be flawless, whether it’s an office party, a cocktail affair, or you are the hostess at home

The number one mistake that women make with their holiday make up is that they go overboard. Many women think that because they are going to a fancy event and they are dressed up, their make up should be dramatic event. This usually creates a make up malfunction and makes you look tacky. Wearing heavy make up with a dressy outfit is distracting and takes away from both your make up and your clothes.

Focus on one thing. If you’re wearing an outfit that’s sparkly and shimmery, you don’t want to add too much shimmer with your make up. Instead, use a more neutral eyeshadow in brown, gray, tan or beige. Matte eyeshadow is great because the color looks good on the eye and it doesn’t have any glitter. If your clothes are shimmery and eyes are more natural, then play up your lips with your favorite red color for a bold look. Make sure to line the lips first with a red liner that is as close in color to the lipstick as possible. If you’re wearing bright colored clothing, then you’re better off doing heavy make up on the eyes and not the lips.

If you want to have dramatic eyes instead, then you’ll have to forgo the red lipstick for that occasion. A basic rule of thumb is to only play up the eyes or the lips, but never both. Even for festive occasions during the holidays, too much make up will make you look tacky and overdone.

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