Elegant Valentines Day Tattoos Ideas 49
Elegant Valentines Day Tattoos Ideas 49

50 Elegant Valentines Day Tattoos Ideas

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Everyone is looking for perfect Valentines gift ideas for boyfriends and girlfriends. Getting the standard issue flowers and candy is fine, but on top of that you definitely want to go with something unique. For Valentines gift ideas, it doesn’t get more unique than hooking up with some Valentines Day tattoos!

Whether the both of you are into ink or just one of you, a tattoo on Valentines can be the perfect gift. It is incredibly romantic and very extreme which can be a huge turn on.

Some people say that tattoos where meant to be spontaneous. In the moment art. A great way to round off an evening is to surprise your guy or girl with a trip to the parlor. There they can pick out whatever design they choose. Perhaps they have been eyeing something specific for some time. You can get in the act as well. How romantic would it be to say “pick out a design of your choice, and we’ll both get it inked on!”

If you are not sure your guy or gal is going to be spontaneous enough to get inked on the spot, then a tattoo gift certificate can work just as good. And you don’t have to get the full amount of a design, but rather, say 25 or 50 dollars towards any design. You can hide the certificate inside a box of chocolates or surprise them with it some other way. This is a great, unique approach for Valentines gift ideas. And, if you do take the approach above and arrive at the tattoo parlor, you can give them the option of getting inked on the spot, or getting a certificate for later.

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