Simple Men Tattoos Ideas For 2019 51
Simple Men Tattoos Ideas For 2019 51

50 Simple Men Tattoos Ideas For 2019

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Tattoo designs, like clothes and music, change with the times. What’s hot now isn’t necessarily what the celebs are wearing as people are going further afield for their tattoo ideas. Sometimes the number of guys tattoos out there just makes it harder to decide.

Lets start with the latest guy tattoo craze hitting the US and spreading to Europe. The old school 70’s pin up girls on the shoulder. The more color and the more pout – the better. There’s a range of classic pin ups from the most popular like Marilyn Manson and even Betty Boop!

There’s also a growing craze in superhero tattoos with some amazing Spiderman designs that feature the guys skin falling away with the Spiderman it showing underneath. If that sounds to extreme then a Spiderman logo on the shoulder looks good. These superheros also have the added advantage of never getting old. They’ll always be back. Superman has been around for half a century and so too has Spiderman and Batman. Batman has especially hit a new level of cool recently with the latest films.

If you’re not into the geeky superhero tattoo ideas then maybe a Polynesian tribal tattoo would be good. Celtic crosses and tribal designs were huge about 10 years ago but they’ve now been replaced by other more obscure tribal designs such as the excellent Polynesian leg tattoos and Mouri face tattoos.

If you’re more into your Eastern art then getting a Japanese tattoo could be the way to go – more accurately known as an Irezumi. Irezumi tattoos are brightly coloured with incredible detail. It was common practice in Japan to save the skins of individuals who had particularly well crafted Irezumi. Irezumi tattoos were done by masters who’d trained as apprentices for decades so the quality is stunning. Modern day tattoo artists can craft some immense irezumi designs and it never fails to impress the ladies.

China also has some interesting ideas for guys including Chinese dragons mounted on the forearm which was a style used during the Chinese Boxer rebellion. Your local tattoo studio will have a selection of examples to choose from.

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