Incredible Fashion Ideas For Short Women 13
Incredible Fashion Ideas For Short Women 13

50 Incredible Fashion Ideas For Short Women

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Since all short women of any size know that they look their best if they do not go too wild in the designs and details of their clothes, you should look to your accessories for creating interest and personality. The accessories you choose will depend on your lifestyle, and how much attention you like from other people. Accessories, can work like a magnet in getting noticed, so proceed with caution if you are in any doubt handling attention. If not, got for it!

Consider your current earrings. Take out your favorites. Put on each pair, one at a time and ask yourself if you think that they compliment your face. Earrings should enhance your face, not overwhelm it, which is easily done when you are short. Do any protrude so much that they make your face look wider than it is? Are some insignificant with your hairstyle? Are others too noticeable and draw more attention than your face?

Recently, big earrings have been given a rest in fashion, which has been great for shorter women. So many of us looked a bit comical in those over scale numbers of the late 1980s. But remember that although you are short, you are still substantial because of your size. So, do not opt for very tiny, diminutive earrings which will be in scale with your body. The best earrings will be medium in size for clip-ons, or lighter in design yet modest in length for dangling styles.

Nothing completes an indifferent neckline better than a pretty or striking necklace. So, if you feel you are not having much fun in your tops due to your size and shape, here is where you might indulge yourself with a few treats that will bring you great enjoyment.

If your neck is long, chokers are possible. But being shorter, you are more likely to have an average to shorter neck and therefore will be flattered more by medium to longer length necklaces. Beware of very long lengths in your necklaces. If the chains reach your waist, wrap them around once to create a double strand instead. Or with a long set of pearls, tie a not mid bosom, to look really chic.
Do not opt for very fine chains, which will look insignificant on you if worn alone. Several strands together or mixed with beads or pearls can be charming against a simple backdrop of a nice top, jacket or dress.

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