Super Cute Outfits Ideas For Short Women 49
Super Cute Outfits Ideas For Short Women 49

50 Super Cute Outfits Ideas For Short Women

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Although originally designed in the 19th century as clothing for tough outdoor work, such as farming and mining, denim jeans have gradually become an important fashion item, as well as a practical form of clothing for everyday wear. Jeans can be worn as part of a smart outfit, perhaps even for work depending on the wearer’s occupation, as well as for nights out, outdoor pursuits, or just relaxing at home. All jeans have one thing in common – the denim fabric they are made of – but nowadays, these garments come in a vast range of styles and cuts, and the choice can sometimes be very bewildering to the buyer.

For all women, but especially for short women, it has become important, when out shopping for jeans, to focus their attention not only on the style of jeans, but also on achieving the best fit they can, in order to create a nice, flattering look.

In terms of their basic styles, jeans come in boot cut, regular fit, relaxed fit, slim fit, skinny fit, and flares, among others. Apart from the fact that some styles may be better suited for certain occasions and social situations than others, for short women there is an additional concern, which is to choose a style that is more flattering for their height and shape of body. In general terms, slimmer fit jeans will flatter a shorter woman more than relaxed or baggy fit jeans. Boot cut may also be a good option, although shorter women will quite likely benefit from combining this style with higher heeled shoes. One style absolutely to be avoided by shorter women is that of jeans with cuffs. This is a very difficult style to pull off unless you are very tall.

When it comes to the sizing of jeans, women should try them on carefully, paying plenty of attention to how well they fit in different places, in particular at the waist, of course, but also at the hips, and in overall length. If the jeans are too long, the fabric will fold up near the wearer’s feet, and this is not a good look. Provided the jeans fit well at the hip, there is always the possibility of having alterations carried out if the pants are too loose around the waist, or too long. Of course, such adjustments may require extra expense on top of the purchase price, although it should be noted that there is a trend these days for stores to offer this type of service as a convenience to buyers, at no extra cost.

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