Awesome Bohemian Outfits Ideas To Copy ASAP 43
Awesome Bohemian Outfits Ideas To Copy ASAP 43

50 Awesome Bohemian Outfits Ideas To Copy ASAP

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The Hippie movement in 1960s in America is originally a reaction against conformity and consumerism. This intellectual movement originally started in San Francisco, U.S.A., when thousands of teenagers dressed unconventionally (became anti-fashion) to catch attention and express themselves in their own unique way. They even call their movement the “summer of love.” Now, the hippies are considered to be the modern day gypsies, traveler or wanderer.

Though the hippies dress unconventional, they surely made one of the biggest changes in fashion industry today. Hippies dress in Bohemian clothing by dumping sports jacket, coats and suits in favor of army coats and denim jackets.

Bohemian lifestyle is originally sprung ten years earlier than the Hippie generation. American writer Ernest Hemmingway embraced this lifestyle for its Beat generation of writers. Bohemian originally defines an artist like painters, writers, etc., who don’t live in accordance to the conventions of the society. Bohemian clothing is usually made up of cotton for comfort and are bright in colors. There are no strict colors for this style of clothing. Any shades from the colors of the rainbow and even black and white will do.

Denim jackets popularized by some biggest names in clothing industry today owe so much from the Hippie movement as street fashion like wearing blue jeans became classic fashion style today. It even rose into its highest popularity when Hollywood celebrities begun to wear Bohemian clothing in red carpet occasions.

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