Pretty Makeup Ideas With Red Lipstick 48
Pretty Makeup Ideas With Red Lipstick 48

50 Pretty Makeup Ideas With Red Lipstick

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Red pouty lips. Is that a sign of the seductress?

Throughout history, women have been painting their lips red. Sure, in the recent decades, pastels are popular too, but red lips are the ones that get the second glance, drawing attention to every pout, the slightest smile.. on beautiful lips, red lipstick can hold a man’s gaze. Okay, granted, on a beautiful woman, his gaze would wander elsewhere too, but red lips demand attention.

Ancient Egyptians painted their lips red and lined their eyes with khol. As long as there’s humanity, there’s vanity and makeup in some form or other. In ancient Japan, the geishas paint their faces white and their lips red. Red lips are a universal symbol of beauty.

Think of the hollywood screen goddesses. Marilyn Monroe with her blonde hair and red lips. Elizabeth taylor with her siren red lips, the ultimate seductress in her heyday. One memorable scene in her movie Butterfield 8, Taylor’s character Gloria Wandrous scrawls a message on the mirror with red lipstick.

Fast forward to modern day beauties. Red haired actress, Alicia Witt, looks stunning with her bright red hair, set off perfectly with red lips. Now which woman wouldn’t want to look as ravishing as she does.

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