Totally Inspiring School Outfits Ideas For Teen 33
Totally Inspiring School Outfits Ideas For Teen 33

50 Totally Inspiring School Outfits Ideas For Teen

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Back to school. Whew! What a relief. Although I don’t look forward to the school supply lists and shopping in preparation for the big day, I am grateful for the peaceful days that lay before me. I love my kids, but don’t love those long summer days playing referee to numerous sibling conflicts between three teens and one pre-teen, each individually determined to have the day go their way.

Two and a half months later I’m ready to all but push them out the door to go back to school! But really, I have to congratulate the kids. That no-one suffered severe injury during all that head butting is truly a miracle! Safely surviving the summer, they now get ready to bravely walk the halls of peer scrutiny. Hard to believe that they could actually be excited about it. But, they are, as they have always been each year before, eagerly anticipating the big day.

I’ve pretty much got this back to school readiness thing down to a science by now. My oldest of four children is entering the 10th grade and the youngest is starting 4th. Here’s how I deal with the back to school essentials:

Know what is “essential”
You have your “back to school” list. Stick to it. Your kids may try to convince you that they absolutely have to have that pack of 20 different colored gel pens. Your answer(or rather question): “Where is it written?”

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