Cute Summer Dresses Every Girl Should Have 43
Cute Summer Dresses Every Girl Should Have 43

50 Cute Summer Dresses Every Girl Should Have

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As the temperatures rise, it’s time to heat up your wardrobe as well with sexy summer dresses that show off your curves and your style. This time of year is perfect for flirty styles with higher hemlines that keep you cool while making you look hot!

Among the hottest looks for summer dresses are colorful floral prints that draw attention and stand out after the long winter of somber colors. Strapless styles are popular for summertime, baring the shoulders and preventing tan lines. Bandeau top and tube dresses are both great options for a sexy summer look. These dresses can take you from day to evening easily, and are even a great choice for a summer event like a beach wedding.

Take a tip from sexy icon Marilyn Monroe and step out this summer in a halter dress. This classic look remains popular year after year because it accentuates curves, bares the arms and shoulders and allows for a sexy open back. A halter top with a deep v-neck creates beautiful cleavage – it’s one of the sexiest looks of all time and perfect for summer.

Exotic animal prints are a classic sexy look for hot summer nights. Try a dress in a leopard or tiger print, and take the attention level up a notch with a hot color scheme such as red or purple instead of the standard colors. Classic gold and black are also great for a slinky evening dress that goes perfectly with a gorgeous pair of classic stiletto pumps.

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