Elegant Men Pants Style Ideas 49
Elegant Men Pants Style Ideas 49

50 Elegant Men Pants Style Ideas

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Trends always change and it’s important to stay on top of them, at least to some degree, for that youthful appeal. Of course having your own style is always number one, but wearing hopelessly out of date, unflattering or sloppy well-past worn out clothing is really not acceptable. Updating your wardrobe is easier than you think.

I’ve seen European men where their jeans cuffed in a cropped pant style for years now, but the style has not managed to circulate the street fashions of America’s shores just yet. However, the latest look books for upcoming trends are showing some cuffed options. For an easy option, grab a pair of slim, straight leg jeans and roll the cuff up a few times. The idea is to roll them an inch or so above the ankle and wear shoes sans socks for a carefree, yet style look.


Plaids, for better or worse depending on your taste, are still popping up on men everywhere. Plaids in primary colors not only match well with any pair of blue jeans, but they also convey that laid-back all-American boy look. If you want to mix it up a bit, pair the plaid with the slim cuffed jeans. Top it off with a few strong, yet not overpowering accessories like a belt and bracelet or large watch and you’ll look relaxed yet fashionably conscious.

Jean jackets are perfect for warming temperatures. Ranging from light to dark, there is a jean jacket to fit any personality. The only major tip, try to avoid a jean jacket in the exact same shade as your jeans; when two jeans items match perfectly you end up with the dreaded “denim tuxedo.” To soften any look, switch out the jacket for a sweater. Sweaters, when they fit right and are not overly bulky, are great for dressing up any outfit for day or night.

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