Incredible Women Jeans Ideas That Trending In 2019 25
Incredible Women Jeans Ideas That Trending In 2019 25

50 Incredible Women Jeans Ideas That Trending In 2019

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There are many parts of a pair of jeans and they can be described differently for women and for men. We are not interested in mens jeans for now and will concentrate on womens jeans as this is the topic of this article. You may learn and notice some things that you did not notice before and see how they change specific appearances.

Pockets are one of the biggest things on a pair of things. Not because of their size but because of how they can totally change the size of your buttocks depending on the size and angle and position of them. If they sit low they hide the buttocks and if they sit high the accentuate it. Then there is the waist line. It can sit low on the hips or be of the high waisted variety. The positioning can elongate the legs and body or make it appear shorter.

The fit of the legs and the shape of the bottom can also change the appearance of your body. If they flare out a bit at the bottom and are tighter higher up than they could make you look shorter. If they are baggy all the way it could make you appear short and fat and straight legs could make you look just right. The combinations that all of these provide can do many great or strange things. Usually the women at the stores can give you good information on what jeans will look good on you. You do not have to buy anything but try a few pairs on and see what they say.

Always take note of what they are pointing out or choosing for you and do not be afraid of asking questions. You will get a lot more information if you are asking questions and telling them the things you do not like about your current jeans. It is a good idea to go into a store every few months to see what new styles are available. There are always new and interesting styles of jeans and you never know, you could end up putting on the newest style and that could be the one that is perfect for you.

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