Beautiful Updo Hairstyles Ideas For Short Hair 39
Beautiful Updo Hairstyles Ideas For Short Hair 39

50 Beautiful Updo Hairstyles Ideas For Short Hair

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Just because updos are typically fashioned on longer hair doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options available for shorter hair. Short hair, can actually be interpreted in a number of different ways. Depending on the point of view, short hair length can range from the bottom of the jaw all the way up to the top portion of the ear.

The first thing to figure out is if your hair can be put up into a ponytail. If this is the case, then the options are infinite. Using curls is a great way to add substance and volume to a shorter hairstyle. After you wet or wash your hair, run your fingers through it a few times. I don’t recommend using a brush as this can damage delicate hair.

Once the hair is dry, take rollers to it. I recommend using smaller rollers on top and some larger ones in the back. Apply the rollers when hot and leave in hair until they cool. Pull the curls in the back up into an updo and then arrange the strands in front as desired. A popular look for 2010 is styling whimsical soft curls parted to the side.

Braided updos for short hair are also very popular hairstyles. Start with a side part pulling deep. On the larger section twist the hair into a short French or Fishtail Braid about an inch or so from the part. The length of the braid of course will depend on your individual hair length. When you reach the end of the strands, take a hair pin and tuck under your hair.

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