Spooktacular Vampire Makeup Ideas You Need To See For Halloween 49
Spooktacular Vampire Makeup Ideas You Need To See For Halloween 49

50 Spooktacular Vampire Makeup Ideas You Need To See For Halloween

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It is Halloween season again, and what better time to get dressed in your favorite gothic costume? Although it is not as popular choice as a Zombie or a Werewolf, there is still a lot of fun to be had. Do you want to get dressed up this year and look the same as a lot of other people, or do you want to stand out?

Here are some gothic costumes ideas that might help you in choosing a costume this year. The classic look of a Gothic Vampira for a girl is a great choice. You have the classic look of a Vampire which is very popular at the moment, but with a few extra surprises that can help you to stand out from the crowd. No sparkling going on here! The dress has a very renaissance look about it, with its strong black and red velvet. There is a matching choker that is worn around the neck. Put on some Halloween makeup to give you that undead look, get some fangs and you are ready to terrorize the neighbors as you go trick or treating in this realistic gothic vampire costume.

Mum and Dad can also get their own Elite Vampire costume, and you have the makings of a family theme for Halloween. There are a lot of Adult Elite costumes that the adult’s can chose from including the Vampire of Versailles, which has a great classical look of Victorian England. This costume comes complete with a crushed velvet black tailcoat, vest, coat and boot covers. Dad has never looked so good. Imagine him in this costume, also wearing vampire makeup and fangs?

Lets not forget Mum. She can look great this Halloween in her very own Vampiress of Versailles Elite Adult Costume which features a long, black dress in the classic vampire red colour, complete with puffed sleeves.

The adults can be the King and Queen of the Vampires as they turn heads everywhere they go. Dead interesting you might say!

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