Cute Small Meaningful Tattoos For Women 47
Cute Small Meaningful Tattoos For Women 47

50 Cute Small Meaningful Tattoos For Women

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There is a lot to be said for the small tattoo. If you are really interested in getting a tattoo, but maybe work in a business that would frown on the full on sleeve tattoo, maybe a beautiful little tattoo is the answer for you.

Just because a tattoo is small, does not mean that it is any less significant. Small tattoo designs can be just as detailed and colorful as a large tattoo. Sometimes if can actually convey your message better.

Name Tattoos
If you are thinking about tattooing your significant others name on yourself, you might consider a small tattoo design. I know you think that person will be important to you forever, but realistically, probably not. Look instead for a small tattoo design or symbol that holds significance to you both. This is a lot easier to explain to your new boyfriend “Dave” than a huge “Richard” tattooed across the back of your neck. Also, if you just are lusting after that tribal tattoo, but don’t really have the nerve or circumstances to put it on you shoulder, consider a small tribal tattoo design on your foot or ankle. Maybe your wrist or upper shoulder. There are so many places on the body that are perfect for the small tattoo, you could easily have many and no one would know. That is, of course, if you don’t want anyone to know.

Less Is More
The small tattoo design follows that age old principle, Less Is More. A beautiful little heart, a small set of angel wings, a tiny tribal, butterfly, Celtic cross, dolphin, whatever, can make a bolder statement than a full back tattoo. Well, I suppose that isn’t really true. A full back tattoo makes a huge statement, but if you are looking into small tattoo designs, I don’t think that is the statement you are looking to make.

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