Stunning Small Tattoos Ideas For Girls Feet 40
Stunning Small Tattoos Ideas For Girls Feet 40

50 Stunning Small Tattoos Ideas For Girls Feet

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An increasingly popular place for ink are the feet. These are great because they can be hidden and private, or they can be subtly shown off and can even be a sexy way to accentuate the feet.
Here are some of the best feet tattoos.

Shooting Stars.
This works great for a foot design. You get a handful of small stars (usually 3 or more) shooting out and varying in size. Very cool, and pops out really well.

Generally the necklace will start around the ankle and drape down to the front of the foot ending with a cross. This is a clever and interesting design which utilizes the bodies contours to create a great tattoo.

Toe Tattoos (like knuckle tattoos)
Now this is an interesting design you don’t see very often. Instead of knuckle tattoos, some people get lettering done on the front of their toes. If you are into lettering and knuckle tats, but want a more discreet place to put them, consider toe tattoos.

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