Lovely Black Outfits Ideas For Women 46
Lovely Black Outfits Ideas For Women 46

50 Lovely Black Outfits Ideas For Women

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Oh! The reasons I have heard for wearing or not wearing black. We women seem to have a love-hate relationship with the colour. Some of us wear only black and some avoid it at all costs and some would wear it more if only they knew how to make it interesting.

Black is the fall-back colour when you cannot find anything else to buy. It is a corporate colour and safe to wear on any occasion. Black is a colour that fills the wardrobe of plus-size women because it is extremely difficult for them to find interesting and flattering clothes in other colours.

Here are my modern dressing tips for business and professional women over 40 to help you get the most out of wearing black.

Black Plus Neutrals
When women think about wearing black with another colour, they usually think of combining black with white. This is a strong and often striking combination. A bold graphic black and white patterned scarf or jacket looks fabulous on those with strong colouring and an extrovert personality. For introverts who want to dip into black and white, try subtle patterned black and white shoes or belt or an elegant pearl accessory with an all-black outfit.

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