Favorite Christmas Outfits Ideas For Kids 30
Favorite Christmas Outfits Ideas For Kids 30

50 Favorite Christmas Outfits Ideas For Kids

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The Christmas season is upon us and it’s time to get the girl’s red dresses on and the Christmas dress-ups out for family pictures and greeting cards. This years Christmas fashions are spotlighting red and black, which are two colors you can easily incorporate into your child’s Christmas fashions.

For family photographs, try going with the same base color and different accessories or textures. For example, if your chose the color red, let your husband wear his favorite red sweater while you don your satin shirt. Add a belt to your girls red dresses and a button-up shirt to your sons red vest. The slight variations in your dress will allow for more personality to show through in your photograph while the base color will unite the image. Letting your children choose some of the variations, like letting the girls pick out a headband and the boys their tie, will help make Christmas dress-ups not quite as “boring” for your children.

Little girls love to dress up and feel like princesses. The princess look is bigger than ever right now, so let your little girl be like her own princess. It is easy to help a little girl look like a Christmas princess. Put her in a red dress, silk is a great choice for the princess look, and curl her hair. Add some white gloves or a tiara to the outfit, and don’t forget the shoes! Since girls love to mimic the adults around them, let her carry a purse. She will surely feel like a princess then!

Getting boys to endure Christmas dress-ups is much more difficult. If you let them help pick out the outfit, he’ll be more prone to enjoy wearing it. Compromise: let him pick out the sweater while you pick out the shirt, or vice versa. That way you can correct any fashion disasters (like a grey argyle sweater vest!) with something a little more appropriate for the Christmas season (like a red textured button-up that ties in that argyle with the right level of sophistication). Remember, boys like to look like their role models, so make sure your husband is dressed well too!

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